Kat Knappers Cat Club

Arcadia Masonic Center
50 W. Duarte Road
Arcadia, CA  91007

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We always recommend trying to find your pet at a humane society or animal shelter first before looking to a breeder for a purebred cat or kitten. 



      e have Champion Bengal kittens and cats for every budget for 'pet', 'show' or 'breeder' priced Bengals. Whatever Bengal you choose, you are guaranteed that your new family member will be healthy and have the top champion bloodlines available in the country. We work hard to place our Bengal cats and Bengal kittens, into loving homes with owners that are educated about the needs of their new Bengal family member as well as having the time and means to provide great care for this amazing cat breed. Bengal cats do not require any specialized care but all cats require routine veterinary checkups as well as a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Bengals are easily harness trained and should be walked on a daily basis and we recommend a cat ‘exercise’ wheel

Bengal cats are very muscular and prefer to be active. As with all cat breeds, they prefer to interact with their owners rather than be left to entertain themselves. As with any pet or small child, Bengal cats and kittens need to be socialized on a regular basis. Bengal kittens are very easy to train and can learn to understand a number of commands, just as a dog is trained.

Wine Country Cats

Eldorado County Fairgrounds
Forni Building
100 Placerville Drive
Placerville, CA 95667

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Bengal Cats and Kittens ~ We are your premier source for top Champion-line Bengals. We offer you the best possible Bengal cats and kittens in health, temperament, confirmation and bloodlines. Our kittens are raised in our home under foot and guaranteed to be friendly when they arrive home to you. We insure you will receive a healthy kitten. We have health testing done before they head home to you. Champion Bengal Cats and Kittens~~TICA approved!

Breeding Champion Bengal Kittens

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