Snow Bengal Kitten


 Male #2 DOB~1/1/19

STATUS~Available  PRICE~ 1200

Snow Bengal

'Sweetie Belle''

Female  #4  DOB~1/1/19


PRICE~ 1100

Silver Bengal Boy #3



PRICE~ 1600

Dark Bengal Boy #3



PRICE~ 1500

Brown Boy  #4  DOB~1/1/19


PRICE~ 1400

'Daenerys' & 'Baby' are being adopted together so that Daenery's can have her daughter with her in retirement. Baby was the only kitten in this litter and they are very bonded-Baby was born 1/8/19 Adoption fee ~600.

Snow Silver Bengal Girl #1



PRICE~ 1800

Available Bengal Kittens

Our Bengal Infant Care

Our Bengal Queens eat cooked chicken during pregnancy and nursing to give our kittens the best start possible. When our Bengal Kittens start weaning we feed them Royal Canin "Baby Cat" wet food then at 10 weeks we also offer them to Royal Canin "Baby Cat" dry food.  We leave dry food out for grazing and feed wet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kittens must weigh 3# for their spay/neuter surgery which is about 10 weeks of age and can leave after they recover. Your new kitten is litter trained too, and will be looking for plain non-clumping clay litter when you bring them home. Bengals are indoor only pets. Our Bengals are indoors 100% of the time and around all of the sights and sounds of an average home. The dishwasher, refrigerator, washer/dryer, hair dryers and cell phones are all familiar to your kittens. As with other cat breeds, these kittens are very curious and enjoy interaction with just about everything including our Shiba Inus, and they are aware of moving around people and our big feet. We do not isolate our babies in a 'cattery' environment. We guarantee your kittens, in writing, for the first six months of their life. We know you would like your new Bengal kitten to be as adjusted to your life style as possible and we will try to accommodate that. Champion line Bengal kittens are priced between 900-1900 for Brown/Black Kittens and 1700-2200 for Snow (White/Brown), Silver (Silver/Black) and Silver Snow kittens. As the kittens move out of their 'fuzzies' stage we will adjust their fee according to breed standards and appearance. Since 2010 we have been shipping with 'Pet Safe' commercial airlines and are confident in shipping anywhere in North America for $450. Canadian rates may vary.