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Champion litter

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PUR1TY Revali-PK Def N/N

Sire John Snow/Dam Daenerys

PUR1TY Revali~ Jon's son Revali has an amazing coat and carries his Dad's fantastic head and ears as well as that huge beefy tail. He is so sweet that we had to keep him for ourselves. His offspring all have his luscious coat.
PUR1TY Jon Snow~ Our own home grown Snow Bengal Male produces amazing offspring. A wonderfully tempered, muscular boy with a great profile,  smaller ears and huge nocturnal eyes-We love his beefy tail and puffy whisker pads! Two of his siblings are RW SGC show cats!

HCM Clear

 A healthy Bengal is well muscled and has an appearance that depicts its athleticism. Bengals are generally confident, curious and devoted companions. They get along well with other pets when properly introduced and enjoy being part of a family.
Our breeding Bengal cats are tested and are negative for PK Def (N/N from UC Davis Veterinary University) and PRA-We do not have any carriers of this gene in our home. They are also tested and clear of HCM by our cardiologist at VCA Veterinary Hospital. In addition we also test negative for Tritrichomonas foetus and URDs.


HCM Clear

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