PUR1TY Revali~ Jon's son Revali has an amazing coat and carries his Dad's fantastic head and ears as well as that huge beefy tail. He is so sweet that we had to keep him for ourselves. His offspring all have his luscious coat.
 'Ocarina' *PK Def N/N~ Pedigree 

Our Bengal Breeding Cats

Anjali Ocarina Song of PUR1TY~
This stunning girl has amazing contrast and huge round eyes and we couldn't be happier with her. She has all of the champion features are were looking for and she is a 'cuddle-bug'. Her clear back coats shows in all of her kittens

Our King Bengal~PUR1TY Revali-PK Def N/N   Pedigree~Sire John Snow/Dam Daenerys

Bengal Info.

'Silvia' * PK Def N/N   Pedigree
Silverpride 'Rhea Silvia' of PUR1TY ~
Silvia' is such a Beautiful Silver Bengal girl! Absolutely perfect! She has all the top 'Bengal' features and carries her beefy thick tail low. She is also very dog friendly.  Silvia and Jon produce Silvers, Silver Mink, Silver Seal and Snow kittens! We have had TICA judges tell us how stunning she is and we think so too!

Our breeding Bengal cats are tested and are negative for PK Def (N/N from UC Davis Veterinary University) and PRA-We do not have any carriers of this gene in our home. They are also tested and clear of HCM by our cardiologist at VCA Veterinary Hospital. In addition we also test negative for Tritrichomonas foetus and URDs.